Tuesday, April 12, 2011

FTI Math

Part of the intellectual pursuit/behind-the-scenes struggle occurring last week included a small subset drama over my personal compensation.

Though clearly enunciated in the "About FTI" tab at the top of this page that states "we have agreed to perform this community service for an undetermined amount of time at no cost", a small (think Dickey the Peap meal tip type of small) caretaker fee is given to me on a monthly basis. Having performed this service for the past 2 years with no adjustment whatsoever, I quietly approached our Cheap-Assed Board of Directors in the hopes they would address this issue. When the intellectual disagreement issue came to a head, though, my stipend issue was quickly moved down the list of priorities and it was tabled by the BOD. Now, that the intellectual content matter has been settled, I am pleased to announce that an agreement to increase my stipend by 2.5% has been reached.

Let see, I think I can do this one in my head: that's, uh, this times .025, carry the 9, bring down the 7, move 3 decimal points to the left, and add 2. Got it. I am now at officially at the US Government's Poverty level. God, this is a great gig!

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  1. Some say, in your case, you are getting paid more than you are worth. It is kind of a charity thing from the BOD. Take it and slink away. You are good at that.


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