Monday, April 4, 2011

Family Secrets

I received an email from Dickey the Peap over the weekend.  It's always a good thing to get an email  from him.  Although you can't tell it from some of my thoughts posted here, I do enjoy his company.  (A lot of the time it is more for the comedic relief than anything else, but, hey that's OK.  He knows it as well.) Anyways, he followed it up with  a phone call  where he tells me of his various past activities in the week including now cornering the market in his latest venture which has produced MORE untold riches for the little miser.   I digress, however, back to the email.  It seems  the Peap read  our post concerning family memories, was intrigued by it, and wanted to add a personal highlight of his own.  After reviewing and discussing his submission with him, I only shake my head in wonder.  Why someone would submit a photo so personal and humiliating as this is beyond wonder.  I asked if he might want to reconsider and share something of a less personal nature.  "No, it accurately reflects my life and this is how I want it shared."  Not wanting to add more misery and disappointment to the little dwarf's existence, I post it here for your review.  I am unaware if Mrs. The Peap knows he submitted this or not.    


  1. Am I supposed to be the one in bed?

  2. ha, I will experiment my thought, your post bring me some good ideas, it’s truly amazing, thanks.



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