Saturday, April 16, 2011

Oh, that explains it

An actual study conducted on our behalf succinctly, accurately, and fairly,  pretty much sums up my position here as Executive Director.

I commissioned this study by an outside affiliate whom has increasingly displayed the tendencies to become a member of our staff and, as a result, will be recommending him for induction during our next membership drive. In the meantime, I display his work for your review.


  1. That red line looks like your chin, mouth, nose and forehead. And I know you drink quite a lot with your sissy flavored vodka.


    The beauty of the internet is that it affords anonymity to all of it's users. This attribute is key in avoiding the need to reveal the true identity of the above poster.

    His disdain for "sissy flavored vodka" is offset by measured studies in the past that reveal his favorite beverage of choice to be, in fact, "whatever someone else is buying".


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