Saturday, August 14, 2010

Isn't this a function of government?

A crisis has erupted here at FTI that has thrown our plans for the weekend into utter chaos.  An emergency meeting of the cheap-assed Board of Directors has been called for later this morning and I only have a few hours to prepare for it. 

The problem is that our succession plan is a bit old and has never been formally updated.  Obviously, I have assigned my assistant, Giacommo, Trustee status which covers most basic circumstances, but, does not address long term authority and ultimate responsibility issues for care of the Misfits.   As Mrs. Kfred and I prepare for the upcoming FTI roadtrip to New York next week, I have been notified that concrete plans have to be in place before my departure and ready for the meeting today.  Hence, my problem. 

Thinking that ultimately, the government would have some type of resource to help, I have contacted numerous local, state, and federal agencies specializing in such diverse categories as animal control, mental health, and waste management operations.  To  date, none of these agencies seem interested or capable of dealing with our type of population.  A NASA  related organization, Alien Studies and Confirmation, did perk up a bit when I explained the oddities, deformations,  and peculiarities of our team, but ultimately passed on further involvement. 

My fear is if I don't find a responsible agency, I will be prevented from leaving.   I do know one thing for sure:  I don't have to worry about government takeover and bailout of our  operations here.  They only get involved with things that can be further ruined.  We're already there. 

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