Thursday, August 12, 2010

Will there be a public trial?

Never being satisfied with anything but a complete and honest disclosure, it does pain us to air our own dirty laundry. Yes, I am talking about the actual undergarments worn by the Misfits here at FTI. Yesterday was wash day and we apparently violated some of the local regulations relating to visual pollution by drying some of the garments on an outdoor clothesline which prompted an anonymous complaint call to law enforcement. Having been notified of local rules and regulations, we promptly complied and removed the offending garments from the view of passersby. I guess some people don't understand that it is not considered threatening that some men wear women's undergarments. Come on. It's no big deal.

Actually, we currently have a bigger controversy occurring that needs to be addressed. The FTI Ethics, Morals, and Integrity Standards committee (whom also double as the operators of our wastewater treatment facility) are investigating an undisclosed violation of FTI policy. The details are murky  and everything is currently on a confidential basis, however,  information leaks from the committee repeatedly point to one of the members of the Idiot squad,  a local goat, and "Flexible Flora" (the Anytime, Anywhere, Always Willing Lifelike Love doll). 

All of this comes before next week's pending FTI roadtrip to New York.  This kind of stuff needs to be investigated and dealt with before our departure. I can deal with the shame and humiliation of this process; it's the fear of finding out what else emerges that scares me.   I might have to call all of the Idiots back from summer break and have an accountability formation and review.  And that scares me even worse than the actual investigation.

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