Thursday, August 5, 2010

An open letter

Yesterday I received a solicitation letter and my temporary AARP membership card in the mail from the CEO of AARP, A. Barry Rand. The letter invites me to join AARP. I didn't ask for or request this card. They just sent it. It got me to thinking that we here at FTI might imitate this type of solicitation and build our benefactor list using this same method. I decided to write back and see if I would get a response:

Dear A. Barry,

Thank you for your recent invitation to join your organization. I appreciate the offer, but honestly, am not in need of your services at this time.

Your members look to you as a voice concerning health-related benefits, access to financial programs, someone to speak for their rights in Washington, offers of discounts on travel and other senior services, and to offer Safe driving courses. Those are all worthy causes and I offer my Congratulations on achieving and providing these services to your members.

Our group has goals they expect us to provide as well. Based on the abilities of our population, however, ours are not quite as lofty. Our members are merely content with classes that demonstrate the life skills of correctly buttoning a shirt, tying a shoelace, and identifying social settings where "nasal excavation" is inappropriate. Our oft maligned, idiot IT squad (the most reviled department at FTI), has not a clue about anything related to technology and, as a result, the Pong tournament we conduct on our network of Commodore 64 computers has been temporarily suspended . We do, however, have one of the nations top financial experts on staff, Dickie the Peap. Dickie is so cheap that he actually produces the copper wire we use for electrical purposes here at the Institute by stretching pennies out to the consistency of wire. It is a bit unconventional, but, functional. Alas, he won't do this without remuneration (if you knew the Peap, there is no task done for nothing.)

These goals are basic and necessary. But they cost money. Can we count on your support? A small donation to our cause will give you the same warm feeling that one of our staff still experiences 5 nights out of 7 resulting in extra laundering of bedsheets here at the Institute. Send money before Labor Day and an actual dribble cup used by one of the Misfits in the recent past will be rushed to your door.

In closing, from one Executive Director to another, I can relate with the daily struggles of running an organization trying to serve it's member's and that is why, A. Barry, I am contacting you. Please look inside and consider our cause. I can assure you; we are no threat to your organization's member base.

Executive Director
Flatline Thinking Institute of Alternative Interpretation and Observations

I sure hope old A. Barry sends a check.

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