Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Say! Now that sounds like fun!

The good folks here at Blogger, the service which publishes our daily screed, are having their 11th birthday party and are celebrating.  One of their ideas is to "have a Meetup party where fellow bloggers get together in-person, chat about blogging and celebrate with friends they may have otherwise only met online."

As described, it sounds simple. Go to the   BloggerFiesta Meetup site and do a quick search on the map. To join a scheduled party, click on the I’m Interested button on the party details page.   When you start or join a party, consider volunteering to be the Meetup organizer. Anyone can do it, plus you’ll get fame and glory. That gives you the ability to set the venue and time of the party. What you do at the birthday party is completely up to you. Meetups can be simple, and no party is to small.

I thought this would be a great idea as I wanted to expose the Misfits to  some other type of higher level thinking individuals in hopes it may spur them onto greater achievements.  Supposedly, the Fiesta scheduled
nearest here at FTI appears to be 1000 miles away, so, I decided to host our own meetup here at the compound.   We have had numerous inquiries and  excited responses, but interest wanes once we reveal our actual identity and stated purpose.  To date, we have confirmed responses from a woman who blogs about the perils and injuries related to competitive knitting, a 12 year-old child prodigy who writes daily about wild dung identification, and an individual simply known as "ToeJam".  The idiot FTI IT team (the most reviled department here at FTI) are excited about meeting this guest.   I know nothing else about him.

I think that I may have to "un-host' at this juncture of the planning.  Though I am sure these individuals could contribute mightily to some additional points of view on new subjects, I think we are far enough off of the beaten path of sensibility to try to accommodate anyone else.

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