Saturday, January 30, 2010

Yeah, I've heard it before: It tastes like chicken

I note that PETA, the animal rights group,  has proposed that Punxsutawney Phil, the winter-ending rodent  forecaster for the past 150 years, be replaced by a robotic replacement.   Apparently, the sound thinking PETA folk think that Phil is being mistreated and would  be best served by being replaced by a machine. 

We here at FTI  have a strict policy of "no-interpretation" of a political nature.  (Our official position is that all politicians and "advocates" of most issues are strictly in it for themselves).  Regardless, this concept trumps anything our merry band of idiots could produce.  On behalf of our entire organization, however, PETA we salute you!    You are an inspiration and have replaced us as the group known to engage in the  lowest functioning  thinking possible.   Thank you. 

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  1. You got replaced by a robot??!!! *gasp* Well you can now say you are second best at what you do, but I will still remain one of two faithful readers; that robot couldn't possibly write a blogpost like you.



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