Monday, January 25, 2010

This one could be the tipping point

One of our fellow bloggers ( Fierce, over at "The Life and Times",) recently "tagged" us here at FTI.  Tagging is an invitation, not unlike a chain letter,  in which the blog in question  is requested  to keep a string of answers to various questions going and to follow through on the request of the tag.  When sent to me via e-mail, I regularly ignore and delete  e-mail chains.   This one, however, is different.  In this case, it is not about the angels whom will bring you good luck, the feel good story of the day, a free copy of Windows 7, or a surprise money bequeathment within 3 days we will receive if we keep the chain going.  There is no implied threat of disaster if we don't play along.  No starving children are going to suffer any more if we don't answer the questions.  It's just a fun revealing of thought and answers to innocent questions.  In this case, it's about 8 different answers.     And THAT  has me worried.

Our staff has been assembled due to their inability to clearly and cogently answer the most basic of questions.  (That way, we can isolate the lower level thinkers in society and not worry that they may actually influence meaningful decisions made elsewhere.) To think that this team of misfits and losers will be able to compile a list based on their personal preferences to the most basic of questions is, at best wishful, and at least, a waste of time.  Does one actually think that Gummo the Balloon Boy, for example, would  have answers to such rudimentary questions of "What TV shows do I watch?", "What Have I learned from the past?", or "What do I want or need?" that anyone cared to learn.  I think not.  As a result, I will have to tailor the category questions to the ability of our staff and submit them to our 2 faithful readers later in the week for review. 

I will submit this subject to the agenda for this week's staff meeting and relay the results.  The agenda is already jam packed with a number of key subjects including a presentation by the FTI Medical staff addressing "Safe Earwax Removal", and one by the  IT department (the most reviled department here at FTI) concerning our pending upgrade to Windows 95.   Hopefully, I can get this issue on the docket immediately. 


  1. *dramatic gasp* You're finally upgrading to windows 7??!!! Yay you!!! lmao. I look forward to seeing your list of possibly-less-than-eight-things

  2. You continually crack me up. WHY I can't remember to put down my coffee mug before I open your blog, I don't know.
    Thank God that my keyboard is impervious to spraying liquid.


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