Wednesday, May 25, 2011

On our journey to greatness

(LIMA,OHIO)-I am currently located in a non-descript Holiday Inn Express, beat after a full day of driving nearly 580 miles from New York City through the entire length of Pennsylvania, almost across Ohio, stopping here outside of Toledo. We are headed for the FTI compound with arrival scheduled later this weekend with a proposed stop along the way at one of our nation's treasures and my personal inspirational monument, Mount Rushmore.

My hope is that if I can get some good pictures of it from my personal camera, I can then post them in the FTI staff lunchroom as a reminder of the great deeds and leadership milestones performed by great men in history. We do have one currently, and though I feel it is reflective of our current staff's abilities, I think we can strive for something greater than a 3 Stooges poster. 

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