Tuesday, May 17, 2011

And we don't even charge a Dollar

The pre-departure checklist of things to do before I leave is being shortened on a continuous basis:  re-reconfirmation of hotel reservations (under strict orders, I know better when to conform rather than argue), pre-flight check-in (oops, more than 24 hours before departure, no can-do), collection of clothes, shoes, toiletries, chargers, sunglasses, etc.  All good.  Remembering to pack rain parkas purchased at Dollar Tree store.  Affirmative.  Everything looks good. 

The Dollar Tree Store is an interesting place.  Other than buying an occasional theater  boxed size of candies for a snack, I rarely go there.   As the name implies, everything in the store is one dollar and since I wanted to plan for inclement weather, I figured I would pick up a  few rain ponchos for our party to hand out; if it rains I am covered, and if not, I am only out a few bucks.   I trust they will be sufficient to be pressed into use if needed.  The more I think of it, however, I begin to have some doubts.  I mean, come on now, can any of the items other than the food or cleaning  materials be that good if they are only a buck?  Logic dictates that some of this stuff is going  to be cheap junk.  Having trouble reading and need some reading glasses?  No problem, here are a pair of glasses for just a buck.   Need some inexpensive tools to throw in the jockey box in the car in case of emergencies?  Here are a screwdriver and small wrench.  One dollar each, please.  I really didn't look that closely, but, I swear I saw  pregnancy test kits in their as well.   Now, whom are you exactly testing the pregnancy status of and what is the reliability of this kit if it only costs a buck?  Is this a goldfish test pregnancy kit?  For a buck?

The business model seems to be successful as there are a couple of national chains that compete in this arena.  I guess people will buy anything if the price is right, regardless of quality.   I just don't think it is for me.  After all,  I offer thinking and observations for under a dollar on a regular basis and have 2 faithful readers to prove it.    There is always someone willing to use your product if the price is right. 


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