Monday, May 23, 2011

The 47 month journey is over

You gotta love it. 

After 4 years of intensive immersion in classes, training, discipline, physical rigors, and military awareness, it all comes down to a 2-hour graduation celebration and the tradition of the tossing of the hats.   And then "we" are outta here.

A little known fact is that many times, the graduates place a picture, small memento, or even cash inside of their hats that the children in the audience race to  later collect.  I have no idea what Kfred Jr. 2 put in his cap, but, you have to think that no matter the amount of money placed in the hat never to be seen again, it is money well spent.  Unless you are Dickie the Peap.  In that case, no money ever to be seen again is money well spent.  It's money that will never be seen again.   Rumor has it that when the little miser graduated from High school a million years ago, he put an IOU in his cap.  3 subsequent generations of family that originally recovered that hat have been trying for 60 years to collect on this obligation, but, so far, the short armed one has evaded the responsibility of doing so.   I don't think anything is going to change. 

Regardless, young man, congratulations and well done!   

One of many,
one of few,
a proud nation awaits you.    

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  1. Congratulations to KFRED Jr. 2 and his parents!! Job well done. He made it in spite of his paternal side.


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