Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I am outta here

It is currently 3:20 am local time, the full moon is shining brightly into the Executive Living Quarters here at FTI, and I am finishing up my last minute duties before departing for my near 2 week Excellent Adventure. I have successfully located Giacommo, my able-bodied Assistant/Trustee, performed an emergency renewal- oath affirming ceremony, and transferred the doomsday scenario codes as a precaution should anything go terribly wrong in my absence. With all of that said, I can rest a bit easier.

At the direction (no,  that's not it)  insistence (uh-uh, that's not it either) "suggestion" of our Institute Safety office, Mrs. Kfred,  3 various clock alarms; one electrical, one  battery operated cell phone, and one sundial (though the actual accuracy of that device is suspect) were set  "just in case" we happened to sleep through so not to miss our departing flight this morning.  I have NEVER overslept on any occasion for ANY event that I woke up tearing around the house like a mad man trying to meet a schedule.  That is funny in the movies and on TV, but it has never happened to me.  I just have a built in internal clock that does not allow for it.  Immediately identifying that this issue  could become a major flash point of disagreement at the last minute that would result in a 6 hour cross country "quiet" flight, I immediately evaluated my options, chose the most prudent course of action, and  acted accordingly in a matter best described as :  "folding like a cheap tent."  Leading by example and exhibiting the type of signature thinking we have become known for, I drank 4 glassfuls of water insuring  that I would have to get up sometime in the middle of the night to relieve myself gambling on the odds that it would occur before the expected time of awakening.  And just like magic, my idea worked perfectly.    We are up in plenty of time, there are no evident disagreements to this point, and all is proceeding according to plan.

I do note, however, that before we use it again a new mattress pad will be needed to be purchased for use on the bed.        

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