Monday, October 4, 2010

We are here acting as your mental placebo

An odd concurrence of events have resulted in an unusually high volume of calls and inquiries into the FTI switchboard over the weekend.  I initially was not sure exactly what was going on, but,  now can relay how our membership and reader comments tie the whole thing  together. 

After Thursday's posting of a note received here at FTI of the  interest by a new website,, (their tag line is "get good at [fill in the blank]") inviting us to begin an affiliation with them, I thought nothing more of it.  I viewed it as a random, meaningless, email from one of the many crackpots whom contact us on a frequent basis.  Friday's random, unrelated posting of our Jukebox selection that was  intended  as a simple dedication to Mrs. Kfred  in marking our 29th Wedding Anniversary then generated the typical misspelled, all capitalized , response from the Green Comic whom, while well-meaning, seemingly comes across as an angry wing-nut.  Beginning Saturday morning and continuing all the way through 9 pm last night, however, the FTI switchboard became inundated with calls, inquiries, and requests by Videojug users asking how soon our contribution would be on their site.  Our under-skilled switchboard representatives had no idea what was going on and immediately summoned me from the Executive Director's quarters here at FTI to help determine what was going on.  Even I was at a loss.  What the hell are these people talking about?

It wasn't until last night that it all came together.  Fielding another call inquiring about how soon we would have a post up, I asked, "Excuse me madam.  What are you talking about?  What can we offer?  Why do you want to see  us on Videojug?" She replied,  "Research, I'm doing research.  I'm trying to find someone who is good at idiocy.  That Green Guy is a perfect example.  He has gotten good.  I always thought it was an inherent trait, but, I am trying to see if it can be learned."

Videojug and FTI: a marriage of reference and authority.   


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