Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Delights of Autumn

Mrs. Kfred and I are headed out today with Marv, the Neighbor and his wife on a little fall excursion.  To date, it has been a great fall with above normal temperatures and some glorious sun.  I do think, though, that extended  bad weather is lurking around the corner, so, now is the time to get out a bit. 

We are going to take an approximate 60 mile journey to enjoy the local harvest in the vicinity near the compound.  The Fruit Loop run is a tour of local farms and wineries to sample and buy various seasonal produce, wines, textiles, crafts, and baked goods.  When this idea was initially floated last weekend, Marv and I thought it was splendid idea as we were both highly confident the community where we are headed would have plenty of bars where we could drink beer, watch college football, and ogle the wives and girlfriends of other men  forced  also agreeing to participate in this exercise while the women shopped.  That concept was immediately vetoed without any discussion (which is actually a violation of Roberts Rules of Order, so technically, this trip should not occur at all, but I don't think the appeals board will allow this objection) so, off to shopping for handmade earrings made from peach pits we will go. 

Hopefully, we may find some apple cider moonshine along the way.


  1. You might look good in peach pits.

  2. Our two faithful readers wil note that the above comment comes from one Dickie the Peap (aka Mr. Peapwell). The same Mr. Peapwell whom advocates the fashion sense of never carrying a wallet while wearing his polyester sans-a-belt slacks for 2 key reasons: 1) to eliminate any possible creases in his pants, and the obvious one; (Admit it: You saw this one coming a mile away!) 2)a valid excuse for not picking up the tab under any circumstance.

  3. Sounds delightful. You know the only reason you men are included is to carry the loot.


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