Monday, July 12, 2010

It only happens once a year

It was brought to my attention over the weekend by the FTI Archive department that our first year anniversary is rapidly approaching. The exact date cannot be actually determined as a formal launching was never enacted, however, based on our earliest post, July 15, 2010 appears to be our birth date. I'm not sure there wasn't a trial run or two before that date, but, for appearances sake, we will go with it. We will discuss more of this later in the week.

To celebrate our first birthday, our PR department suggested we have some type of event to note the occasion. I was thinking along the lines of another summer picnic with the Weirdo's and surrounding neighbors and maybe a small toast to mark the milestone with a keynote address by a local judicial official praising our efforts on humanitarian grounds. The PR guys, on the other hand, were thinking something a little more traditional. I inquired as to what type of event they were thinking and they suggested a mattress sale where all mattresses are on sale at or below cost, where everything must go, regardless of loss, cost, or value. I immediately rejected this idea as we don't have any mattresses. This was then immediately countered with the idea to hoist me into the sky for 72 hours in a crane and I wouldn't be allowed to come down until all of the Misfits had an adoptive parent. I 86'd this one, too, as I could well be in the air for a couple of weeks based on that type of criteria.

I have scheduled this as an agenda item for our weekly staff meeting later this morning and hope to have some type of meaningful discussion address this topic. Whatever the outcome, I can assure you of one thing: Make sure you bring your camera. You will never remember it all.

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  1. Let me know if you ever go with the mattress sale idea. I could use a new pillow top.


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