Thursday, July 15, 2010

The future really is bright

Allow me a little self indulging please...........

It is currently 5:50 am PDT. I am writing this having just dropped Kfred Jr 2 off at the airport for his flight back to Washington DC. As the Institute is located on the West Coast, direct flights eastbound at a reasonable time of day that aren't redeye flights are difficult to attain. I'm not complaining, it's just the way it is. Kfred Jr 2 was home for approximately one month during his final summer before heading back to finish his senior year at West Point. He is going to spend this next month serving as an aide to some officials at the Pentagon and hopefully gain some insight to how Southeast Asia foreign policy is conducted.

It's funny. I just dropped off a man whom is being trained to design, implement, and direct future issues of great importance to this country and it's citizens. This is the same man who, as a child of 5 years of age, in his zeal to always be a policeman, would constantly try to covertly slap on a set of plastic handcuffs to my wrists, take me into "custody", and then yell at me to "be quiet and sit down!" I would be notified that I was being charged with such offenses as watching TV, sitting in the wrong chair, etc. One time, when I mentioned that I was already sitting down after he had arrested me for reading the newspaper, a confused look of indecisiveness came over him. The problem solver that he was, however, realized that the command of "Ok, Stand Up!" would restore his 5 year old sense of superiority. When an authority figure tells you to do something, you do it.

When I hear of the young people of today not having a clue, not having any direction or sense of purpose, and not "getting it", I don't always agree. Every subset of the population has it's members who don't pull their weight. Am I a bit biased? Of course I am. But listening to the goals of the young men and women currently being trained to lead our country makes me realize one thing for sure. This country is going to be OK.


  1. I hope so!
    Thank you KFredJr for bearing the burden of making things right! the plastic handcuffs story.


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