Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Stay with it; You can do it!

A bit of odd recognition surrounds our activities here at FTI and I am torn whether to celebrate or be despondent. 

An unsolicited phone call was received here at FTI by someone purporting to be part of a contest  derived from the "Biggest Loser" TV show.  I thought that my continuing workout sessions on the Christmas Wii present must have drawn some attention to my dedication and steadfastness to drop a few pounds.   Immediately, however, I realized that my 15 lb. weight loss goal, though memorable, is not exceptionally meaningful to the producers of a show that profiles people losing upward of 150 lbs. of weight.  As I asked a few more questions, this individual started to explain that No, they weren't looking to profile people whom had lost weight.  They were looking for Losers.  Actual Losers.    Somehow, they had gotten our number and wanted to profile a couple of our members.

The Rat Bastard G begins filming next week. 


  1. Your 15 lb. weight loss is short by about another 20 lbs. However a good start. Keep plugging away for a better Spring golf game, Puggy.

  2. Sorry Chubby I misspelled Puggy, it should be Pudgy. Probably should have said overly generous.

  3. Interestingly enough, though I maintain that 15 lbs. is my true weight loss goal, I do note that the Peap-ed one has to get his shot in at me as a demonstration of his ability to compete in a battle of wits.

    Sadly, "Little Buddha" will realize this spring that the Christmas Wii has an exercise golf game where all facets of my swing including weight distribution, swing arc, body position relative to the ball, grip analysis, etc. are part of the program and appropriate suggestions are made to improve your game. And I have been practicing. A lot.

    Wait 'til the little whiner starts complaining later in the spring.

  4. Well you need a lot of practice. All the fancy words will fly away with the first shot as you slice right and swear a lot. So far you are having a problem with the "weight distribution". Its "swing arc" is in your butt.


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