Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The official travel partner of FTI

Already thinking ahead and trying to plan to the best of my abilities, I scored a minor victory yesterday  that makes me a bit happy. 

Kfred Jr. 2 begins his 5 year journey with the US Army as a 2nd lieutenant upon graduation this spring.  Obviously, graduation is a big deal with all of the related events and hoopla.  We've known about the date for around 6 months but I never got around to buying some airline tickets.  2 weeks ago, a window of opportunity opened in which I could buy round trip tickets from the FTI base here on the West Coast direct to Newark nonstop for $279 per person.  That's a bargain!  Unfortunately, the window slammed shut by the time I sauntered up to the electronic ticket window a day later and suddenly prices had leapt to $386 each.  Immediately reverting to the type of behavior I have observed in Dickie the Peap, I started forming a plan to whine, moan, complain, browbeat, and badger to the best of my abilities, anyone on the end of the phone line into giving me the previous price.  Obvious, my skills are not as highly refined as his as I got nowhere fast.  Realizing that competition in the airline industry is cut-throat and ongoing, I figured if I waited  and kept checking the website, I would score a deal.  Yesterday, I check in for my daily ritual, note that the price has dropped $135 per ticket, reserved 2 of them, and walked away with the exact seats I had wished for 2 weeks ago and  an extra 270  bones in my pocket to blow in New York City in the springtime.  Badda-bing, Badda-boom.   

The website I used? Why, it's the one that Dickie frequents whenever he travels: CheapoAir. (this site is so cheap that their website is down as I am writing this post. I sure hope they get me the airline tickets.)


  1. Very interesting. You are not above using tactics that you constantly berate but use to your advantage. It must be fun to think you can talk through both sides of your mouth and get away with it. It is like a small child hiding its eyes thinking that now nothing is there. Just proves you are as cheap as the one you berate. If not, donate the 270 "bones" to charity.

  2. Acknowledging the fact that the Peap-ed one, though "frugal", is not stupid, I do understand his line of reasoning. I point out, however, that I don't think I "can talk through both sides of your mouth and get away with it" and act as "a small child hiding its eyes thinking that now nothing is there" while doing so. To accomplish that would be to act, in your case, as a ventriloquist: You know, Me as the headliner, and you, well, you as the Dummy. Much like our relationship as it currently exists.

    Regardless, I will heed your challenge and make a donation to the support group that works tirelessly to help you manage your malady. Tightwads Anonymous.

  3. Just show me the money and can the crap.

  4. Cheapo Air is a favorite of ours. Not that we are proud of it or anything.

    Speaking of proud.....thank you and congrats to your son. Well done, indeed!


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