Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Gee. this is roomy

I am off to the car dealership today to deal with a recently discovered problem with our year old FTI Central Research, Analysis, and Policy (CRAP) Vehicle. Routine maintenance performed by an outside competent mechanic discovered a problem that our members of the FTI motor pool team failed to recognize:  a potential failure that could incur the total replacement of the transmission.   This on a vehicle that is just 13 months old!

My problem is not with the vehicle itself, but, rather the dealership's reluctance to accept the vehicle into the shop. Oh, they have no problem doing the work; it is just that they requested I bring it in under cover of total darkness.  Apparently our FTI logo emblazoned on the side was the source of  worry and ridicule by some employees and adjoining businesses.  (Obviously, our work is known region wide.)  Regardless, I have to bring the vehicle in before sunrise in order to get the necessary work done.

For my efforts, however, I did extract one concession from the dealer:  they will give me a loaner vehicle while mine is being repaired.  Apparently it is some type of trade they just took in.  Clean, Well-maintained.  Low miles.  Room for 12.  The prior owner:  Ringling Brothers.


  1. A friend of Mr. XFri Feb 04, 08:05:00 AM

    You pick cars like Mr. X picks stocks. Other than your poor golf swing, you two have a lot in common.

  2. Once again, the minion, pseudo-intellectual, dwarf associate, of Mr. X attempts to rehabilitate the reputation of the Warren Buffett wanna-be.

    I do, however, give credit to Mr. X for naming this individual as a "friend of Mr. X". After all, it is well known,

    You can pick your nose,
    You can pick your toes,
    but, you cant wipe
    your friends on your pants.

  3. Your poetry is... oh, nevermind.


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