Wednesday, December 8, 2010

You' ll Leave Today Feeling Empowered to Succeed!

In order to sharpen my skills, leadership abilities, and over all effectiveness here at FTI, I periodically engage in refresher courses of various subject to increase my worth and value as an Executive Director.  I am currently engaged  in a 2 day seminar entitled, "Racing for Mediocrity: the Quest for Survival in a Cruel World", and  subtitled, "How to Make the Most with the Idiots That Surround You".    

If I do say so myself, I seem to be a leader in the class at this time.  I have repeatedly had the right answers, relayed the most helpful experiences, and throughly impressed the  facilitator of the course.  After yesterday's first session, he pulled me aside to congratulate me and compliment me on how impressed he was with my participation.  We started talking about my actual experience and background.  After explaining my circumstances and describing how the Misfits  think and act, I have been granted a waiver of the enrollment fee and have actually been asked to conduct a seminar on his behalf in the future.   The reason for asking me to do so?  I obviously have greater expertise in this area than the moderator when attempting to  "Making the Most with the Idiots That Surround You. "


  1. No mystery there. You were the only one in the seminar.

  2. Disproving the long-held maxim that old people can't be funny, too, I do acknowledge Dickey the Peap's observation.

    More importantly, I celebrate the discovery of his ability to multitask as I thought this capacity had also diminished at his increasingly advanced age. Anyone whom can comment here while simultaneously figuring a 12% tip to the 4th decimal point after wiping out all of the bacon at the $7.99 Senior Breakfast Buffet has my undying admiration.

  3. I seriously need this course.

    BTW...thank you for your sweet comment while I was in the hospital. Knowing your readership metric lay in the balance, I had no choice but to live.

    You're welcome.


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