Thursday, September 23, 2010

We all have a purpose

The Summer FTI Roadtrip "Quest for Normalcy" tour has been completed and I can now start focusing on other tasks at hand.  I have scheduled a meeting with my able-bodied Assistant Director/Trustee, Giacommo, for a full review of activities during my absence later this afternoon.  A cursory review of our daily Stupidity log indicates nothing out of the ordinary; of course, with Giacommo on watch I would have expected nothing less.  Regardless, I am prepared to deal swiftly and decisively should  anything arise. 

The final leg of our tour took us to Tulsa, Oklahoma in support of activities of Dilbertland.  As noted earlier, Dilbertland is overall fairly sane, though I can see some potential for unbridled stupidity lurking near the surface.  One of our 2 Faithful readers questioned the need to go to Oklahoma in an earlier comment: What? Tulsa? You are in Oklahoma, seriously? Who comes to Oklahoma ? to which I would reply in the same vein in regard to this site: What?  You are reading this stuff, seriously? Who reads this shit?  Not wanting to appear snarky or condescending, I gently remind our 2 faithful readers that if not for their unwavering periodic reading of this drivel, my work here would devolve into something equal to  the anonymous toiling away of an obituary writer for the weekly community newspaper. 

Upon further reflection, I just realized that at least that guy was writing about someone whom actually had a life.  The idiots I am surrounded with have never had one.

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  1. For not allowing your work to devolve into something equal to the anonymous toiling away of an obituary writer for the weekly community newspaper, I have but one thing to say.... You're Welcome!


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