Saturday, March 30, 2013

That's Right. We bad, We bad.

Normally the one to discover, direct, and deliver a good verbal kick in the ass, today it appears the target of my efforts appear to be myself. I actually underestimated the power, reputation, and general image of our FTI "Brand". Not realizing the impact we have upon people and entities, I obviously have something more here than what I had originally intended. Case in point: the immediate and swift backtrack by the folks over at World Entertainment.

A scant 16 hours after affiliating the slime operators of the money grabbing, thieving bastard, adult website operator to our own website here as unknowing sponsors to our efforts, the unauthorized $30 they lifted from our bank account a week earlier was mysteriously returned to the general coffers of the FTI Petty Cash fund with no apology, no explanation, or, for that matter, no request to never contact them again. Simply our 30 clams. I am a bit surprised that a request didn't accompany the funds to never mention them in the same breath again with our organization, but, on the other hand, I like to think they don't want to be messin' around with us here at FTI.

"We don't take too much shit, we take a little bit, we don't take no money."

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  1. That is like finding a pair of panties in your glove box that some jokester put in there and trying to explain your ignorance to your wife as she is looking for a nose tissue in the said box. I hope Mrs. Kfred has been completely convinced by your innocent protestations. Now there is some fine improv!!!


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