Thursday, March 14, 2013

Darby O'Peap and the little people

The Frugal One is in the middle of  planning for his annual St. Patty's Day bash. Preparations are currently being conducted at a feverish pace in order to meet the schedule as planned prior.  Unlike in earlier parties,  extra security has been hired to police the behavior of guests and a special  "volume-pour" monitor will be on hand to ensure that all drinks are honestly poured and not shortchanged as suspected in years past. Our 2 faithful readers will remember the hue and cry that occurred over that observation when we immediately recounted it in year's past.   After considerable editorial debate, the situation was resolved.  (EDITOR'S NOTE:   Though this entity did publish an official apology, whispers have always remained about the true strength of the cocktails involved.)  Regardless, ours is not to question, rather, merely inform.  

From renting chairs and  glassware to cleaning up around the party site, many tasks are being accomplished. This year holds special meaning as this may indeed be the last year it is conducted.  Though upwards of 40-50 guests are expected to partake, general concensus is that most revelers are finally figuring out that the lure of free watered-down Irish coffees and healthy snacks (thank you Mrs. O'Peap) is simply not worth the $8 per car parking charge, $6 table minimum , and $1 per person exit fee.

It's always those nuisance fees that kill you, isn't it?  

COMING NEXT:  We finally are going to realize our own pot of gold!


  1. I had to drop the exit fee as too many people were secretly going out the back door and leaving it open, thus wasting the house heat. It was worse than the $1.00 fee.

  2. Anonymous sources confirm the above statement made by the Frugal One. They do, however, dispute the analysis: Commented one reveler, "Pffft. "Wasting the house 'heat'?! What the hell is this guy talking about? He is so cheap that the indoor thermostat was set at 64 degrees. We were actually exiting to get our jackets out of the car. A few degrees less, a couple of Holstein cows, a little hay, and you could open a milking parlor."


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