Monday, May 7, 2012

I am getting too old for this stuff

The FTI Landscaping and Maintenance team, Beauty And Restoration Keeping section (BARK),  which members are solely myself and Mrs. Kfred, spent the entire weekend moving 12 yards of material around the compound here.  And I am feeling every damn wheelbarrow full of it today.  

It has been 3 years since I purchased materials previously and it was beginning to discolor and rot into the ground.  Not to mention, it is very effective at holding down the weed growth in areas I don't want weeds, I decided to this year add some more bark.  I probably should have had the bark blown in off of the truck like the smart people do, but, I actually don't mind the work.  I like how the pile slowly goes down one shovel at a time while the beds are, suddenly and slowly,  brightened and brought back to life.

Looking at my progress so far, I am happy.  The compound looks refreshed, new, and very springlike.   The downside is that I still have a pile of bark has as big as when I started.  There are still more areas to cover.  Any my back isn't ready to go another 2 days worth right now.  I guess I will just have to appreciate the old look for a bit longer.  


  1. Gosh, it is about time you did a little manual labor. Those flabby arms and distended paunch need some firming. You are not too old, just too lazy to perspire. What a lump!!!

  2. Aw yes. The cheap, snappy response written under the cover of anonymity with a follow up of "Gee, my computer won't let me sign my name from the URL. There must be something wrong."

    The only thing that is wrong is to watch you fold like a cheap tent in a rainstorm this Friday on the golf course. The quarter is safe.

  3. I want that polished to remove all the sweaty finger prints as you have clutched that all winter gloating over your "Luck". You need to get your flabby hulk out of hibernation and show up with a humble attitude as you sink into the sunset. Please remember, you are not shoveling bark. And how many games have you played this season?


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