Thursday, May 3, 2012

An example to follow

I note that a 2 year old Canadian boy has recently been inducted into the Mensa Society.  2 years old!  Apparently, the kid can recite the alphabet both forward and backward, and count to 1000, among other accomplishments.

The FTI talent acquisition team is targeting individuals such as this for our FTI mentorship program.  The reasoning is that with childlike prodigys like this as an example, our group might be able to advance beyond shoe lace tying basics and tackle the really hard tasks.  Like being able to wake up with dry big boy pants in the morning.


  1. With your sordid reputation you probably wake up with someone else's big boy pants.

  2. I find it odd that the veil of anonymity we afford our readers is being tried on by the same individual who's arms are, more often than not, woefully short during tab time after a meal.

    Perhaps, you should redirect your efforts to adjust the veil a bit more?


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