Thursday, March 3, 2011

Will you need help up to your room?

The FTI travel department is currently engaged in a feverish search to find Mrs Kfred and myself reasonably priced and suitable accommodations in New York City for our pending visit later this spring. The results to date are such that even our most fervent skinflint, Dickey the Peap, may have met his match.

We want to stay in midtown Manhattan as it is centrally located to most of the big name tourist attractions.  Note, I did not say the better attractions.  There just is so much to see and do that you have to prioritize your visit. One can stay further outside and save some money, but taxi fares into Manhattan  will just eat you up financially and I have no intention of renting a car to be driven in New York City. I am adventurous; I am not manic.   Suggestions of staying at hotels with shared baths to inquiring at hostels or using the Peap's method of browbeating an elderly desk clerk  to a 60% reduction  to get rid of him are just not my style. Using Priceline's "name your own price" method is a bit scary as you don't know where the actual hotel is until you have paid for it. 

Part of the problem is that I have insisted upon booking the suite options befitting my status as Executive Director here at FTI.    While inquiring for space, our staff was told there would be no problem.  Twice while making inquiries, however, our travel department has detected hesitation on the part of reservation clerks when being told the name of our organization and suddenly glitches occurred.   Excuses were prevalent:  Suites  suddenly rented;  Blocks of room not previously filled suddenly disappeared;  Prior cancellations magically re-booked; a no goat policy was in effect.       

I get the distinct feeling there is something going on.  I will find suitable accommodations.  I just am not sure that I am willing to attend the morning prayer service in order to get a cot. 


  1. A friend of Dickey the PeapThu Mar 03, 08:41:00 AM

    Do you think that three wise men are going to show up with gifts? Hell you are just looking for a room. This is not of biblical proportions. It seems you are worse than that defamed Dickey the Peap. Open thy wallet Rabbi.

  2. My God, first it was a ""Friend of Mr. X" and now it is a "friend of Dickey the Peap." Why is it, in fact, I get the feeling both are actually Irving the Peap?

    Certainly, all would be of the same mental level.

  3. Bob and I spent a week in Manhattan a few years ago. What an amazing adventure. You haven't lived until you accidentally take the subway to Harlem. At night.


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