Monday, March 21, 2011

The easy way never works

This past Saturday I decided I would cheat the pain and loss of sleep associated with my standard weekend exercise regimen of rising at 5:30 for the 45 minute regimen, and instead opt to sleep in and do some yardwork instead. Thinking that a couple hours of less intensive work would be a good substitute instead of the high energy workout route, I slumbered merrily along without a second thought.

One key factor in my calculations which I failed to address was the fact that the yard work entailed pushing around a 250 lb. lawn roller to flatten the lawn where those little bastard moles have created havoc in my yard. 2 hours later after pushing and pulling that thing around, I had completely soaked/sweat through 2 shirts on a day where the recorded high was 49 degrees. Today, 2 days later, I feel every muscle in my shoulders and upper body. And they ache.

Next time, I will set the alarm clock.


  1. A friend of Dickey the PeapMon Mar 21, 12:24:00 PM

    Might eliminate the moles by buying some traps, you cheap bastard.

  2. I assume the free lunch at the annual shareholders meeting of the WGB (We're Goin' Broke) Corporation has ended and this minion of the resident miser is speaking on his behalf.
    The exercise was to eliminate the moles damage, not his existence.

    We both know how to eliminate the mole itself: Have him attempt to burrow through all of the documented instances The Peap has amassed in avoiding paying for lunch. The little bastard would die of exhaustion.


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