Saturday, November 6, 2010

It's all about self-awareness

Among my numerous responsibilities here at FTI are to oversee the direct health and welfare of the Misfits.  After all, the sound thinking and observations exhibited here are the direct result of  proper nutrition, plenty of sleep, and healthy eating habits.  We do engage in a daily exercise routine and calisthenics and dietary analysis , but, for a long time, I have been trying to find some alternative types of help as well.  I recently read an article of the positive benefits of yoga and thought I might introduce a routine  to the Misfits.  Unfortunately, the results were not what I had intended. 

The recent attempts by 2 of our members  posted here are not a display of failure; rather a reinforcement of the caveat that Yoga is not for everyone.  Especially those with limited mental capacity.   I think we may seek some alternative methods of mind awareness.


  1. Once again, seeing Mrs. Kfred in top shape always inspires me. She is my hero!!

  2. I just snorted hot coffee. I may have to sue for medical.

  3. I believe I can address both commenters with a single statement:

    I am planning on filing suit against Mrs. Kfred for involving me with this nonsense in the first place.


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