Saturday, May 29, 2010

It's like he was one of our own

Our fleeting passing with fame was sadly was brought to an end. Case in Point: yesterday's sudden death of Gary Coleman has some striking similarities with us here at FTI.

During the breaking of the investigative story surrounding Michael Jackson's death last year and as observed here, Coleman was originally identified as the individual in the hoax video. We later corrected the story to accurately identify Donny Osmond as the person in question, but, still had an odd sense of connection.

Yes, Coleman had financial and legal problems. Yes, his true growth was stunted. Yes, he was misunderstood. At one time Coleman told The New York Times, "I want to escape that legacy of Arnold Jackson. I'm someone more. It would be nice if the world thought of me as something more." We can empathize with this guy. We are always looking for a way to increase our bottom line; we had our own legal dust-up with the Hayward family earlier this year when the Misfits pirated control of this site from me for a few days.

And yes, our intellectual growth is severely stunted as well. I just hope we don't have to send the Misfits out to moonlight as security guards somewhere.

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  1. Seriously, when I finally kick the bucket, you are hired to do the eulogy.


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