Saturday, August 8, 2015

They speak in tongues

The observant reader will note the ramblings of one persistent commenter whom takes a delight in offering drivel, gibberish, and mostly, blather. Though all  comments and thoughts are welcome here, the site administrator does note that these contributions are actually similar to the goals of the  original charter of our organization as noted here .  

In fairness to our two faithful readers, though future comments will certainly be included, our policy of recognizing  these is nothing more than the price to pay of having a crackpot among our reading audience. 


  1. I know I hit the mark when the return volley sounds like a KMART special. By the way the two faithful readers flew the coop a long time ago because the blog went dry just like so many counties in Wash. and Ore.

    Please try to bring it up a notch.

  2. No Dickey, I flew the coop because my damn sister up and died on me. Well, not actually on me but close enough to me that it sent me over the proverbial edge. So I packed up 4 years ago and turned my back on the world. Unfortunately, for the world, I decided I missed living so all that to say, I'm back.

    Wait a minute! It looks as though Kfred has flown the coop. Does it involve the FBI?

    One not so faithful reader but I was. Does that still count?


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