Monday, July 27, 2015

What?? Who's birthday?

A major disconnect has been noted!   Our records indicate we are nearing two major milestones: the end of our mandated period  to perform this community service for an undetermined amount of time at no cost AND our own Institute's birthday.  Free at Last, Free at Last. 

To recap:  We were born as a legal compromise between our State Attorney General and the heretofore known cheap-assed Board of Directors over a legal matter.   Since our Institute is populated with a staff  of questionable mental capacity and overall abilities our primary duty has always struggled to offer policy analysis, event commentary, and recount observations as generated by the same staff that mental health professionals have identified as Weirdos, Whackos, and Misfits.  As restitution on behalf of some indiscretions a few of our members committed, previously an undetermined amount of time was mandated for our work to be accomplished.  It appears that time is drawing to a close.  

In appreciation, I mandated  a directive to the FTI bakery to create the finest cake they could with a sincere expression of gratitude to relay our sense of accomplishment.    Somehow, this is a fitting result. 


  1. Well the electronic ink flows again folks. A summer rain after a hot dry spell. It will be interesting to see if this is an aberration, a one time hit, a mutation, an anomaly. Or might this be the beginning of a new chapter, insulated from the past chapters.
    Wait and see folks, wait and see.

  2. Sadly the, short-armed, internet stalker has taken a break from tallying his riches to provide meaningful comment here.

    What will be more interesting is to see if the little miser will continue to brood over his last 50 cent setback. Time will tell.

  3. Some of us move along and take the dips in the road in stride, whether they be dips we associate with or small financial dips and unfortunately they can happen at the same time. But again we move along. However some vestigial dips can continue to be interesting enough as to put up with the slights, innuendos and slanders. Our beloved electric inker is one such pot hole as it were. But please keep the e-ink flowing as it is a hazy window into an aberrant mind.


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