Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I guess I should have used the hoe

I ran across this news story and picture about a guy who was using one of those 5 gallon propane tanks and an accompanying 3 foot long wand for weed control around his house.  You can burn weeds right down to the ground and the intense heat many times will kill the root as well.  Some people prefer it to poison as it is safer for pets and kids.  I have considered getting one for use around the compound here but, just have never got around to picking one up.  You can get them at the farm or tractor supply store for about $25 (without the propane tank).  Anyways,  this guy decided to  head out doors and attack those pesky weeds.  He apparently had wet down the tree next to his house before firing up the torch, but,  the tree ignited anyway.  (Pine tree pitch is very flammable and apparently fed the fire.)   The story did not print the guy's name and, rather, referred to him as "the homeowner".  Firefighters had  no estimate of the amount of damage, but, did note significant damage to the roof, and water and smoke damage was found in the living areas of the house.

The good news is the local neighborhood homeowners association did enclose  the "Best Yard" award along with the 30 day notice to clean up the property.  


  1. I recommend you do NOT purchase one of these fire throwers as you have a tendency to be a dunce when it involves most mechanical things. Oh I know you can operate a can opener, a beer bottle opener and twist off wine lids. But remember you couldn't even put the wind velocity meter on the roof of your house. Stick with the BBQ. The only damage you traditionally do is overcooking meat.

  2. Thank you for your contribution of thought.

    Based on your recent dismal golf outing and the never ending search to find something, anything, to lower your stroke count, I note the title to this post is identical to your answer of the question: "What could you have done to improve your golf score?"

  3. You are still a dunce. You are the only fellow I know who has to have someone else put lead in your mechanical pencil because you can't figure it out. You can't even figure how to get water out of a boot with the instructions written on the heel.

    Further more-you got lucky the last golf match with the puffed up chest just because you had a new club replacing one you threw in a tree in a complete fit of anger. It is kind of entertaining watching you explode. Ahhhh the fun of golf!!!


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