Thursday, May 23, 2013

Really, You just figured it out now?

Either of our 2 loyal readers are familiar with my, and my neighbors, ongoing legal battle with the idiot developer (aka Dipshit) here where the compound is located.  For 5 freaking years, we have been tied up in a lawsuit (in  which we prevailed) and yet is still not finished as it is currently sitting on some appeal court clerk's desk waiting to be assigned a date to be heard before the 3 judge panel.  I am no longer worried about a reversal or partial change of decision.  The merits of the case pointed to only one logical outcome:  the total vindication and validation of our argument resulting in a complete victory.  Now, apparently, we have another believer as well:  The idiot defendant. 

I received word yesterday from Shifty's (my attorney) assistant that a new action has been started by Dipshit against Ms. Ding-a-Ling, his trial attorney, for legal malpractice and breach of fiduciary responsibility.  After taking a complete shellacking against us, after 5 years of legal wrangling, 4 additional years before that in creating the infrastructure to this whole mess, and, now, nearly 2 years past the actual verdict, he realized that perhaps this whole mess is because his attorney gave him bad advice.  In fact, he actually states in his motion for the lawsuit  that he would have done things differently if not for the advice of his attorney.      I guess the fact that multiple neighbors told him what he was doing was illegal, cited references to state law, and simple common sense never carried any weight in his thought process.  Of course, he bore no responsibility, no siree. He's smarter than all of that.  Ask him.    It's someone else's fault.  

It really is it's own sweet little reward.  I have spent too many hours in a dank, sterile, courtroom not sure if I would come out on the right end of this whole issue.  Now, I look forward to bring my own popcorn, sitting down in the lumpy upholstered chairs in the gallery, and watching these 2 snakes wrestle in a pit lying to a judge in an attempt to paint the other in the worst possible way.  

I guess justice is served.     

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