Thursday, May 9, 2013

Now, Who's boss?

Giving credit where credit is due (and to demonstrate to the little miser that this is not strictly a one-sided forum), I acknowledge and give kudos to the folks over at Comcast. Their past billing methods have left some practices to be desired, but, today my outlook is a bit more positive.

I received my monthly reminder that my Comcast bill was now available for viewing and payment. Fully expecting another royal mix-up and waiting to see what the corresponding spin on the Comcast "What-should-we-charge-'em-this-month?" Wheel of Income, I was presently surprised to find that my bill was under $105 for the month. This is the entire internet and digital premier/3 premium movie channel cable TV services for the month. I was fully expecting a battle of numbers, but, alas, they finally are charging me what they told me they would charge me.

Imagine that. Someone doing what they said they would do. It's an increasingly uncommon trait.


  1. You could use this as a teaching moment for your self. I am sure Mrs. Kfred would be most pleased as well as those in Dilbert Land.

  2. This coming from an individual who's tag line is "I'll buy next time".................


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