Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I think this is a good way to return

In reply to the single reader who  obviously has way too much time on his hands, I return with the first post of the new year with even better news.First, however, a bit of related housekeeping:  The lone returning reader will note a new feature on our right column: this is again the ill-fated attempt to track the monies owed me by the aforementioned idiot developer.  I have been disappointed so many times in the past.
This time, though, I think I have finally got it right.

Earlier this year, the State Court of Appeals not only affirmed the Superior court decision we won nearly 2 years prior, but they didn't even bother to publish their opinion of the case.  In the legal world, that means the case was so routine and non-descript, it would not be used as a reference for any future cases..  This was a simple case of contract Law 101 that was bungled from the beginning, we caught it, protested it, sued over it, and won. At some point, we all recognize that you don't win every time and I think Dipshit finally got the message.   If the Boy wonder doesn't come up with the near 200 large by March 21st, Mom's house is going to be auctioned off on the courthouse steps.  And THAT is not going to be a pretty site.  Even in Dickey the Peap parlance, that is a lot of dough.   In direct conflict with everything else that has gone on with this case,  this time, my lawyer Shifty filed a writ of execution with  the court and they jumped on it.  Immediately.  And to top it off, the Sheriff executed it and served on our boy likety-split. No turning back the clock now.

Of course, the monies owed indicated on the side is to be shared among myself and my fellow plaintiffs. This in no way makes up for the sleepless nights, the tension, uncertainty, and ill ease which we have all suffered through for nearly 7 years.  On the other hand, I know of 3 sets of neighbors that I can count on  in any type of situation and have developed a point of trust with them that there is no misreading of their value.  It is immeasurable.  My trust is implicit.  And that, has been worth every penny in developing.  There are good people in the world as well.  I have always known this was going to turn out OK.  I just didn't know that I would ever see my money again.  I don't have it ,yet, and by no means have spent it yet, but, don't see many ways to stop the train now.  I sure hope it isn't derailed once again.  

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  1. I surely commend your tenacity!!! And thanks for the update.


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